So, you know the feeling of burning yourself on a curling iron (guys...you might not be familiar with this...but just go with me.) It sucks. It's often a minor injury but dang...IT HURTS. And if you've had a major run in with a curling iron and gotten a more serious burn, that REALLY sucks. Worst feeling ever. That experience might lead you to never wanting to pick up a curling iron again. Much less, ever go near another curling iron again...OR ever be in the same room as one. No matter what kind of joy it once gave you...those awesome curls, the great volume & texture...the confidence...all out the window because you never want to pick up a curling iron. Because then you are opening yourself up to the possibility of getting burned again. And who likes getting burned twice? Not this kid.

So, you will settle for straight hair because straight hair is safe. There is no danger in getting burned. There is no fear that that heat will singe your skin and make you scream. There is no possibility of going through that dreadful pain &  tears if you just never pick up another curling iron again. Just stay away.

Sometimes the reminder of the burn stays with us forever. Sometimes it's physical. Many times it's emotional. That pit at the bottom of your stomach, the anxiety, the heart pounding and trembling hands.

That's how I feel about life sometimes. Certain situations have left me so burned that I never want to open myself up to them again. Just stick to the simple, straight hair and never venture to the wavy or mega curls again.

Some of us think that it's their fault that they keep getting burned. It's not. They think "...Well, I was stupid enough to pick up the curling iron" or "This curling iron looks MUCH safer than my last one" or "I've learned so much since I last tried curling my hair." It's not your fault. Evaluate. The purpose of a curling iron is NOT to burn you. But sometimes it happens.

Silly to compare life to a curling iron, I know...but it's a practical analogy I could relate it to. So what do we do folks? Close ourselves off to everything that's in the shape/form of a curling iron or anything that's hot? No. Cause then we have the potential of missing out on so much. And who likes to miss out on stuff? DEFINITELY not this kid. (I mean, I LOVE curly hair!)

Set healthy boundaries. Take extra precaution when near curling irons. Be ultra aware. But know that  not every curling iron is gonna burn you.

Love yourselves & know it does get better and burns do heal.