Bitchin' Biscuits.

Since reading the book "The Help" I've been craving biscuits. I totally blame the book. All their talk of southern's not fair...I'm a very easily influenced person. The last time I made biscuits I think I was in junior, since my craving for biscuits was in fact SO STRONG I decided to give it a whirl. They did not turn out as fluffy as one might like, but I actually liked them a little crisper. Here is my photo journal of the biscuit making event of 2011:

Flour. The foundation.

I searched high and low on the internets for an easy biscuit recipe. Haha. Right on the bag people!

Buttermilk. Key ingredient.

Mixing bowl.

Working hard.

No fancy biscuit shape cutter thing...used a glass.

Laying them out.

Pretty excited at this point.

A wee bit over cooked...oopsie.

Because I'm adventurous I made some with turkey sausage in the middle of some...

And with the leftover dough I made some random cinnamon and sugar biscuit strips (my mom does this with her leftover dough...she taught me well.) I really think we're onto something. Biscuit Sticks. I think they could be huge. Cinnamon and sugar + biscuit = YES.

Okay...I wonder how many times I've blogged about food? Hmm...probably a lot. I love food.