Better Together Tour


We are super excited to be able to share with you this awesome tour our good friend Todd is doing. You might be familiar with Todd because he is the one that does all of our pics & has been a friend of ours since college. He is one of the best people we know & we always know that anything he puts his time into is going to be great. It's called The Better Together Tour. Basically for the last few weeks, and several more to come, they are traveling around in a super freaking cute RV (named Ernie) capturing in photos and videos the amazing work people are doing around the country. Normal people just doing something to help better their communities and the people around them. For instance, they met and filmed an organization based in Salt Lake City that builds wheelchair ramps for families who can't afford them. They go around all over the state building these ramps free of charge! You can watch a video the BTT (better together tour...see what we did there?) did about this awesome organization by clicking HERE.

So here's the super fun part...they made these awesome t-shirts to help support their cute are they?

Pretty darn cute.

Oh that's is your very own j&k sporting our very own BTT shirts....LOVE THESE!

And they want to give YOU one for free. If you like our post on FB about this and then go like their FB page before Sunday (11/11/12) you will automatically be entered. They will pick 2 random winners and if you're one of the lucky 2 you can get a free awesome t-shirt! Or you can buy one too...all the proceeds go to helping fund their tour.

So, here's the breakdown to enter:

Step 1. Go to our FB page and like our post "Better Together Tour".

Step 2. Go like the Better Together Tour FB page before Sunday (11/11/12)

Step 3. Done.

So, isn't that awesome? Yes, yes it is. You can also bookmark their website & their Facebook page & last but not least...their twitter oh shoot we DEFINITELY want to follow them on Instagram too cause they have some insanely cool photos they share :

Spread the word can be a part of their awesome journey. We love that they are highlighting people doing uncommon good in our communities all around the country. It should encourage us all to help, love, support people....because after all...we are all in this together....Be Better Together.

Much love-