Berlin Biking Adventures!

Recently on our trip to Berlin we had a day off & took a super fun bike tour. We got to see a ton of the city and tried to document as much as possible with some pics :) Fun times. Biking is a great way to see the city. Woohooo! j&k

The graffiti was everywhere...look at the colors!

What? We don't know.

Everyone was doing it. So we did it too.

Jill doing her bike thing.

Kate's self portrait while biking.

Nutella crepes....YAY!!!!!!! So yummy.

Beautiful statue outside of a church.

Enjoying some Italian food!

At the show in Berlin...we found this guy...he seemed lonely.

Kate's dad was flying through Germany so he came to visit & see the show :)

Kate's dad took this shot of us from the side of the stage...Woohoo!