Behind The Scenes Pics From Our Video!

photo 1

Light it up...up...up...

photo 3-4This HUGE tree was the perfect backdrop.

photo 3

Jill getting her hair sprayed...

photo 2-4

Lesley helping Kate get into her shoes...haha...

photo 4-4

Ready to shoot...

photo 2

Kissy faces.

photo 1-2

Take 3...

photo 4-2


photo 1-1

Smize-ing. Smiling.

photo 4

The director of the video...Mr. Ryan Camp

photo 3-2

Our awesome girls who worked on the shoot with us. Lesley & Nichole :)

photo 3 copy


photo 2 copy

Floating candles in mason jars...

photo 2-3

It's a WRAP! Cheers to our FIRST OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO! Yeahhhh.

photo 1-3


photo 1-4

Don't think we didn't go straight to SONIC after the shoot...cause we did.

photo 4-3

Not sure why Kate was making a sad face.

If you haven't seen the final video yet...CLICK HERE TO WATCH!

Much love,