Behind The My Love (Remix) Artwork

We met Garrett a few months ago and he is an incredible artist. When we knew we were going to be releasing a remix version of My Love, we asked him if he would design a cover for us. We sent him the song and he came up with this design and sent us this paragraph with the artwork and so we thought we'd share it with you.


"Hourglass- I was struck by the line "till the end of time" and asked myself what would represent eternity. I thought of an hourglass because it's time that is infinite, and this idea that we empty ourselves out in the pursuit of love. Plus since it was a remix I thought it kind of cool of something being flipped. My heart was to capture the idea that as we infinitely pour ourselves out in love, God will always be there in turn to pour back into us."

We loved his thought behind the design and what the song meant to him. We wanted to share it with you guys.

If you haven't gotten the new remix can download it here :)