So, this was our "back to work" day. Could you tell? Pretty much the entire month of August was consumed with grieving/recovering and that took us away from having any much time to focus on singing, songwriting, blogging, performing, tweeting, etc. We took time for ourselves, we cried a lot, we visited with close friends, we worked on other random creative projects, we vay-cay-ted in Mexico and Labor day-ed it...and now ladies and gents we've pulled ourselves together and hit the road running back to all things j&k land. (oooh a j&k land theme park??? Now that's an idea.) Haha. We can't tell you how much we've missed it. Like, a lot.

Neither of us realized, but the break from "work" was necessary and SO helpful. So helpful. In the past few days we have literally been like excited pre-teen back to school girls. We purposefully did not do work until Sept. 3  and was tough...we were eager to get back.

We missed you guys. We love hearing every week through #tweetbacktuesday how and what everyone has been up to. We love sharing new music with you guys and have missed that.

So...we're back. And there are exciting things as always...thank you for being on this crazy ride with us. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement and love during our month off. Seriously...sometimes the kindness of all of you moves us so deeply. You really are the BEST. THE BEST. You hear that? If someone asks you who you are, you tell them you are THE BEST.

We practiced today...just running songs...did Bring You Back To Life...and that pretty much sucked.

Alright...sipping some wine and sitting back with great appreciation & full hearts. Big things ahead.