Hey everyone! So, we've told you about our friend Will Gray & the documentary called Broke* he was making. Well, last night was an exciting night because the movie made its WORLD PREMIERE at the Nashville Film Festival!!! If you don't know...that's kind of a big deal. The movie was screened at a local movie theater...which sold out...so much fun! I (kate) was unfortunately the only one of the two of us able to attend but Jill was there in spirit with us.

It was a great moment to see someone like Will, along with his wife Angie, who have been working on this project for over two years make it to the "big screen." And let's be honest, just seeing your friends on the big screen is fun.

So, anyway...here are a couple pics I snapped from the premiere & the after-party! Fun times :)

Wearing my brand new Broke* t-shirt while getting ready for the event! You can get your very own at http://www.brokedoc.com

Woohoo--my Broke* ticket!

My friend Jenny & I. Concessions are almost my favorite part of going to a movie.

Yup. Concessions. I told you.

Here is my excited face with my friend Reva who is a big part of the film. She's in a band called Gretel.

Will received a standing ovation at the end of the screening & then did a Q&A.

The man of the hour--Will Gray & a friend of ours at the after-party.

Good times. So proud.