Answers to Questions...Part Deux.

More more awesome questions: I was wondering which one of you is clumsier?

We are both pretty clumsy but in our own special ways. More shall be explained in the next question...

What is one of your most memorable accidents?

Jill: Falling down the wet/icy stairs at the half-time show in Dallas. Kate: I tripped walking on and off stage a few times...but in my was dark and there were cables. Grrrrr....

How have you guys grown as vocalist/writers/people since joining the KC camp?

We are so lucky to work with such an awesome group of people. EVERYONE is rad. Being around people who are RIDICULOUSLY good at what they do and are actually down to earth, good people is just phenomenal. We are constantly learning from them...and just having a darn good time :)

How exactly did you guys meet? And did you hit it off immediately not only as a musical act, but as friends?

We met at a music program on Martha's Vineyard...both of our colleges were a part of this study abroad program and we both decided to go our junior year of college. The program offers classes in songwriting, studio recording, performance, etc. Who wouldn't want to ditch normal classes and go there? was the best experience ever...I mean...we got college credit for writing and listening to music all rad is that? We were roommates--which was totally random--and we pretty much became friends right away. About 3 weeks into the semester, one of our homework assignments was to co-write a song with someone. We wanted to get it out of the way and decided to write together...when we performed it for the class and the professors, everyone was like, "Wow...your voices really go together guys should keep singing together." And...we did.

As newer artists in the business…are you at all anxious about the direction that the industry has taken…and how do you define success?

The industry as a whole has taken such a dramatic turn in the last few's scary and exciting all at the same time. We can't fight the changes...we can only try and roll with them :) Success to Kate: Being able to do music and make a living to provide for myself and hopefully a family someday. Success to Jill: Doing the best you possibly can and being happy.

I just wanted to know what your album will be like?

You never really know until it's done but there will be a mix of folk/pop and yes even a little bit of country...

If you weren't singers, what do you think you'd be now?

Goooooooood question. Kate says: Probably a personal assistant or something. I like running errands, making lists and checking things off of the list. Haha. I'm so lame. Jill says: I don't know....thank God I don't have to know.

What inspired you both to buy fish and chips!?!

Kate says: was Jill. I just wanted a photo op. Jill says: Isn't that what you are supposed to do?

Favorite place in Seattle?

Kate says she's only been there a few times...Jill can't remember the name of the restaurant that we frequented while we were there but it was pretty cool :)

When you breeze through town, where's the one place you must go?

Generally when we get back from a trip, our first stop is Pei Wei. And just so you know that I'm not lying...the day that we got back from this last tour we went there first thing. Here is a pic of kate hugging the menu because she was so happy to be there:

Are you going to include "Pop Song" on your upcoming album?

We can neither confirm or deny the existence of "Pop Song" on our next album. was that for a politically correct answer?? Haha.

What are each of your biggest fears?

Kate says: Mismatched socks and having to go through security at the airport where they make you take your shoes off. Haha.

Jill says: Having to go back to school and take a really hard math class. I HATE math.

When you aren't on tour or in the studio what do you like to do?

Kate says: I love just hanging out...having movie marathon days in my comfy pants and sweatshirt. I like taking walks, playing tennis or laying by a pool. I'm a people I like hanging out with my friends and laughing a lot.

Jill says: I like being spontaneous. I'm usually happy doing anything as long as I'm with people that can have a good time or if I have good music to listen to.

What is the weirdest food that you like?

Kate says: Now try not to judge me immediately...but I like brussel sprouts. Yes, Jill thinks I am crazy, but...I like them.

Jill says: I've recently become a fan of Tofu. I swear I'm not a tree hugger.

How have you grown as artists since JillandKate began?

We've become more confident and learned to take more risks as artists.

What music do you listen to that might be surprising to your fans?

Kate says: Jay-Z. I love his music.

Jill says: Old school Celine Dion.

Describe each other in three words.

Kate says: Jill is loyal, fun, and ridiculously talented. Ok...4 words.

Jill says: Kate is perky, generous, and compassionate.

Who's messier, Jill or Kate?

Let's just say we both know how to trash a dressing room pretty quickly. Haha.

Who's the better driver, Jill or Kate?

Hmmm....Jill says Jill. Kate says Kate.

Can you pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaasssssseeeeeeeee put Texas back on yalls MySpace???

We will see what we can do :) But just because you put so many "e's" in your please! HAha.

Typical one but everyone loves it......You can meet one person for one day, it can be anyone dead or alive....Who do you meet?

Kate says: My dad's dad. Never met him.

Jill says: Cliche, but...Jesus.

You come across a time machine, 1 journey only... where do you go?

1982. The best year ever.

Everyone has a net addiction, even my 50 year old mother has become a facebook addicted! So whats yours?

Kate says: Everyday. I get made fun of for my addiction because I'm always spouting out random things I read there each day.

Jill says: My local New Hampshire newspaper. I like to keep up with my hometown.

What album is currently most played on your mp3 player?

Kate says: Patty Griffin. My special mix of Patty's songs.

Jills says: E=MC2. Mariah.

If any of your songs could be redone by Weird Al Yankovic, which would it be, why that song and what would you call it?

We don't really know but Jill says that Amish Paradise is one of my favorite songs in the world!

Just saw the video of Deaner and Einar doing their interpretive dance. My question is: Who’s interpretation is better?

How could we pick? They both are unique and let's face it...hilarious. We could not choose.

What is your favourite cookie?

Kate says: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip or Chocolate Chips with Nuts. YUM.

Jill says: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip. Or the big giant chocolate chip cookies from Mrs. Fields.

What are your pet peeves?

Kate says: When people don't shut cabinets or drawers behind them.

Jill says: When 'your' and 'you're' are used improperly. Sometimes I can be a grammar nerd.

What is the one thing you are really proud of?

Kate says: My family.

Jill says: My family.

So a lot of us have heard that Jill plays a mean guitar hero (expert level from what I hear or whatever the highest is) but what about you Kate...can you give her a run for her money? Is there any possibilty of y'all showcasing those skills on a upcoming video blog? :)

I (kate) cannot give Jill a run for her money in guitar hero. Let's just be honest that she is a ridiculous guitar hero player and I am just alright. Don't feel bad for me though...I have a blast playing. And that's a wonderful suggestion for a video blog.

Favorite theme park? Theme park ride?

Kate says: Disneyland. Thunder Mountain...I think that's what it's called...

Jills says: Islands of Adventure. The Hulk. Best roller coaster ever.

Do either of you have any phobias?

Kate: I don't like spiders or small spaces. My claustrophobia has gotten worse as I get older...weird.

Jill: I hate revolving doors.

Whats your current ringtone?

Kate says: iPhone's Xylophone ring. Fancy huh?

Jill says: Some iPhone ring. Nothing special. =)

Growing up who was your "idol" ?

Kate says: Amy Grant and Mariah Carey.

Jill says: Oddly enough, the same as Kate.

Did you slap kate and cory for laughing when you fell at the NFL event?

No...I was laughing too--it was hilarious!

What was the favorite fan-gift you ever got?

We think it's pretty rad that people give us gifts at all!!!! There is no way we could pick out a favorite! We've gotten some awesome stuff :)

Do you remember the front row jumpers from Mannheim, Cologne, Antwerp and Amsterdam with the blink ears on the head?

Yes we do :)

Would you ever move to another country?

Never say never....but probably not.