An Attempt To Answer More Questions...

Well...we are STILL answering questions from our Q&A email spree earlier this year...a lot of questions were doubled (yes...great minds think a like!) so we did our best to answer most of the questions... If your life was going to be made into a film, who would you want to play you? Is there a song, that every time it comes on you feel like you just have to get up and dance? Even if it's just around your living room. -Lauren

Kate: Hmm...Reese Witherspoon & "Give It Up To Me feat.Lil Wayne" by Shakira

Jill: How can anyone not say Julia Roberts, right? Cliche, but true. "Hey-Ya" by Outkast.

Why not “Kate & Jill”? Have you ever fallen asleep at a movie? What is your favorite roadtrip food? - Da Fans

Because kateandjill just doesn't look right...see what we mean... kateandjill???  And jillandkate is alphabetically correct as well. Bam.  Yes. I (Kate) fell asleep in Charlie Wilson's War--because I had landed earlier that day from international travel... oops. I hated falling asleep to anything with Julia Roberts in it..that's just not right :( Favorite roadtrip food: trail mix. M&M's, peanuts, cheerios, raisins & if you're feeling crazy pretzels...

Jill: I have been known to fall asleep during movies, yes. Favorite road trip food: Trail Mix (or GORP as it may be known to some) and peanut-butter filled pretzels from Trader Joe's. Mmm.

What are some of your favorite lines or episodes from the show Friends? -Lindsay

We quote FRIENDS a of my (kate's) favorites "It bodes well for me that speed impresses you." -Chandler

Jill: "Have a Hubba-Bubba birthday." "Could I BE wearing any more clothes?" "They don't KNOW we know they know!" Oh my gosh I could go on and on.

If you got a chance to star in any show, what would it be? -Lisa

Kate: The Good Wife or any lawyer show...I wanna argue and wear a shnazzy blazer and say "OBJECTION!" loudly.

Jill: Gilmore Girls. I want to live in Stars Hollow and speed-talk.

What's your favorite movie of 2009? -Clint

Kate: I really liked "The Blind Side"

Jill: "The Proposal."

What is your favorite Mexican dish? -Claudia

Kate: I LOVE MEXICAN FOOD!!! Chicken or cheese enchiladas are my favorite...with rice & beans and chips and salsa. I'm hungry...

Jill: Enchiladas. Chips and Salsa. Quesadillas. Queso. Guacamole. Flautas. Come on. It's all delicious.

I've been wondering what happened to the life size cut out of Edward Cullen that was given to Kelly over the summer? -Khitam

We have no idea...maybe he found a cardboard Bella and they are making carried idea what happened to him... sorry.

A life-sized Justin Bieber may or may not have taken his place.........??

Do you have pets? -Nina


I was wondering... do y'all like to go out (clubs, bars, etc) alot? -Kaci

Hmm...Kaci...interesting question...we do like to go out and party & dance...but maybe not depends...with a big group it's always fun :)

How did the song The Basement get it's name? -Beth

The song got its name because we wrote it while we were living in a basement apartment...we also recorded in the basement...just set up a mic and sang it...for those reasons...we named the song "The Basement."

How long have you been playing golf? Do you bring clubs on the tour bus? -Laura

Kate's been playing since she was a kid...but just started taking it more seriously in the last two years or so...Jill just started. She can hit the ball wicked hard--and Kate's short game is bit better...but really we go to hang with friends, relax & drive the golf carts. Yes, the last tour we brought our clubs with's great to be able to get outside in the fresh air when you are constantly inside venues or hotel rooms. We played in Montana and that was beautiful!!!

What are some funny things y'all have witnessed from the stage with KC? -Lauren "Charlie"

One of the funnier things to witness is people taking pictures trying to get Kelly in the background. I didn't realize that this was common practice but.. IT IS!!! It's so funny to watch people turn their backs to the stage and then wait til KC is somewhere in the background...then their friend eagerly snaps a pic....this is HIGHLY entertaining to watch from stage... or to watch people sing-a-long to a song passionately even though they only know one word of the song--they make up the rest and it is also a fun thing to get to see great dancing as well....some people have some sick dance moves and they unleash them just for our pleasure.

What's your drink of choice when you guys go to starbucks? Hot, Cold? Tall, Venti? -Annie

This changes from time to time but right now Kate's drinking a tall, skinny, caramel Jill's drinking a grande, skinny, vanilla latte :) But we both enjoy a peppermint mocha too...especially this time of's festive ;)

Finding Nemo or Happy Feet? -Jess

Definitely FINDING NEMO. We both watched Happy Feet on a plane once and it made the flight go by realllllly slowly.

How long have you two known eachother for? -Emily

We met in January 2003. So, almost 8's a long time.