A Tasty Treat.

So yesterday I (kate) had my first encounter with a Gigi cupcake. Gigi's cupcakes is a local joint that makes homemade cupcakes that are super cute & VERY tasty. We've been hearing about them for a while so yesterday was the day!!

Unfortunately, Jill wasn't with me to experience the tasty treats...but she will have one soon...and don't go feeling all sorry for her. She was gifted a peppermint brownie cake pop. Anyway, back to me...hahaha...

I had a vanilla cupcake with pink frosting and colorful sprinkle things. I'm not even really a cupcake or cake person ...I'd generally go for some gummy bears or something...but this cupcake was GOOD.

It was delicious & I want another one right now. Haha. Anyway...it was kind of a freak thing that I even got the cupcake because we were out to dinner & Gigi happened to be in the restaurant & brought over a box for our table to enjoy. How kind! So really I was just a benefactor of being in the right place at the right time :) But hey, I'll take it. Now I'm a fan.