A Story About Ringworm (31 Days - Day #10)

Hey guys. Kate here.

I have a fun story to tell you. Why I'm sharing this on the internet…for all the world to read is beyond me…but I guess that's kind of my M.O. Just know that ultimate vulnerability is being displayed here…so yeah.

A few weeks ago I noticed a little dry patch of skin under my left ear…kind of on my neck. It's winter so I just assumed that the dryness of the sahara that was plaguing the rest of my body daily was just a bit of winter showing up on my neck. Nothing to be alarmed about.

So…I went on with my days. And nights. And days. You get the idea.

A couple days ago I was washing my face, brushing my teeth, etc. and noticed the red patch on my skin had now become a circle on my neck. Like a completely round circle. I immediately freaked out and thought perhaps I had some middle-of-the-night rendezvous with a vampire…had Edward Cullen finally found me?  asked Jill to tell me if she saw what I saw. She took one look and told me to get it looked at by professionals.

photo 3

Enter the awesomeness that is my life: I have weird ailments happen to me. I had an extra muscle in my heart that I had to have surgery on when I was 15, I've had E. coli (TWICE), random swelling on my face from an unexplained cause, first degree burns on my eyebrows for a botched waxing, and now, well, this.

I went to bed that night and before I did…I googled. Like we all do. Ugh, why? WHY do we google our ailments? It almost always gives the worst cause scenario…but this time I found my actual diagnosis.

Ringworm. (PS> DO NOT google skin ailments…it will make you pray for a serious concussion to forget the images you see.)

WTF? Who gets ringworm? How did I get ringworm? WHAT THE HECK IS RINGWORM? Will the Dr. confirm my diagnosis? As I fall asleep I hear and see the scene from "Never Been Kissed"  where everyone is chanting "Josie Grossie-Josie Grossie-Josie Grossie" except finding a way to add my name in to the mix.

I made an appointment first thing and the Dr. looked at it for 5 seconds and said, "Yup, it's ringworm." She said there aren't worms in me (THANK GOD) and said that it's a slight skin fungus (OHHHHHMYYYYGAHHHH?!?!?!). Who get s a skin fungus? I asked her how I got it and she said it's in the community and it's just a thing that goes around.  She seemed un-phased by it…which made me feel better. She said  it can be on workout mats at gyms, from animals, etc. She gave me a prescription for a cream and said it would go away. She also said it wasn't contagious from person to person. Another relief.

Anyway…that's my story. That's actually my life. I just get these weird things. Has anyone else gotten this before? I mean, too bad I couldn't have gotten a tapeworm cause I hear those make you super skinny…here's to hoping. Just kidding. (winky face)

I'm just all here with ringworm. When I texted Jill to tell her what the Dr. said she texted me the ring emoticon + the worm emoticon. Hahaa. Best friends for the win for making you laugh in the moment.

Okay. Be careful of gym mats, animals and any other known way of contracting ringworm, kind people. Just looking out.

Love me even if I'm gross with ringworm. MMmmmmk thanks. Bye.