A Note About Song On The 17th

Hi friends, Who can believe that 2015 is here and it's already the 17th of the month? Holy wow.

We've been doing Song On The 17th (SOT17) for 6 years-ish and we have decided to give it a little break. Don't go crying your eyes out or start sending us hate-mail…we will resurrect SOT17 again…we're just taking a bit of a hiatus from it.

New Years are for trying new things and we want to be constantly stretching and growing. Sometimes to grow you need to cut back a bit…so that's what we're doing..cutting back :)

If you're really sad…go back and scroll through our hundreds of YouTube covers and songs. It'll entertain you for long enough that you won't even miss it ;)

And obviously we'll still be posting videos of songwriting, covers and other random adventures…don't you worry.

Thanks for understanding...

Much love and excitement for the future!