A Month For Hope! (Day #2)

9153350510_e8ce07d46b You may or may not know that half of our hearts are half way around the world...in Africa...where we spend time every year with the amazing kids at Houses of Hope Africa...an organization that Kate's dad started to care for the orphans in Southern Africa.


Sooooo many of you have been asking about "A Night For Hope" this year (if you don't know what that is, check out our last A Night For Hope concert recap from 2012) that we are are excited to announce this year that we are doing A MONTH FOR HOPE...a whole month dedicated to raising money to care for these kids for the next year. We have a BIG goal this year which is good because HOHA is growing and doing awesome things over there!

Like most everything, we cannot do it alone. We need your help to reach this goal. We always feel like when we are over there spending time with these kids that you are all there with us. So many of you have already donated money, sent hand-made items for the kids, sent friendship bracelets, etc....we are really all on this team for hope together.

So thanks so much for already being awesome!

Check out A MONTH FOR HOPE and help us spread the word...

1. You can Buy a T-shirt. (Really cool shirt designed by Emily Coey)

2. You can bid on an Ebay item. (autographed memorabilia and what not)

3. Or you can just give straight up Cash money :)

4. You can help us spread the word by following Houses of Hope Africa on Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr.

5. PLEASE... re-tweet, share and re-blog (this is seriously SOOOOOO helpful!)

Every little bit helps...so THANK YOU!!


Thanks for believing in hope with us. Lots of love.