A little fun.

Surprise. It's Sunday. YAY. We have a little idea for this Sunday. We wanted to do something fun for ya'll so we made a few more copies of our EP "Finding My Own Way"--handmade, in the denim pocket and everything--and we are going to be having some trivia fun on twitter today. So, ladies and gents...find your own way to our twitter page...and be looking for trivia questions from us throughout today...January 31st, 2010.

It's gonna be simple. We'll ask a question and the first person to Twitter @ us with the correct answer will win an autographed copy of the EP. We'll twitter @ the winner and let you know that you won. If you win, we will ask you to email us at askjillandkate@gmail.com and include your address in the message because we will need to put the CD's in the mail tomorrow before we leave the country!

Play if you want. No pressure.

Hugs to everyone this Sunday morn.