A Letter To Yourself

So we started something last year...hopefully we will to do it every year and it will become a New Year's Eve tradition. Who knows...maybe you could start doing it too? On December 31, 2010 we sat down and wrote letters to ourselves and sealed them (with fancy red wax stuff) to open exactly one year later...on December 31, 2011. See exhibit A:

So here we find ourselves. Exactly 365 days later. On the eve of a new year. 2012. Who knows what exciting things this year will hold??

Don't be afraid to set goals because you think you cannot reach them. You can. And even if you don't reach them...trying for them might be better than thinking about them. You can do it. DREAM BIG. BIGGER.

We are excited to open the letters and see what we wrote (we have NO idea...ahaha....memory loss...yikes!)...and YES....we will be writing new letters to open on December 31, 2012...

This post concludes our 31 days of blogging...boy it's been fun...but don't stress...one of our goals for 2012 is to spruce up our blog. So stay tuned. Exciting stuff on the horizon.

Please don't drink and drive. Stay alive.

Much love to the bestest friends/fans these girls could ask for.