A Letter From Us

Hello Friends! We have had an amazing time seeing so many of our international friends and fans this past month while touring with Kelly in Australia and the UK. Thanks for being so supportive all over the world!

We’ve been singing back-up for Kelly Clarkson for nearly 6 years, and it’s been quite an exciting ride! In fact, many of you have been following us since day one, and have become supporters of our j&k music because you heard or saw us singing with Kelly.

We have decided that it is time for us to work full-time on JillandKate music, though we will miss not touring with our KC family terribly. There is so much good stuff happening in j&k world, and we want to commit 100% of our time to developing our music and getting to know more fans like you!

We will be playing several “JillandKate” shows through the rest of 2012 and we will be touring the US in 2013 to play the new songs from Heart Of Stone! We also have some fun contests coming up. We are so grateful for your support which lets us be creative and do what we love to do!

We love the KC band and crew! They have become some of our best friends and are truly like our second family. We’ve had an unbelievable time traveling the world with them and getting to do what we love!

To Kelly:

We love you like crazy! We are so grateful to you for giving us this opportunity and for all that we have learned from you and continue to learn from you along the way. You are one of our best friends and we are blessed to have you in our lives.

To the Band & Crew:

You are as a whole and individually–the best people around. Your knowledge and talent is endless and we have had the BEST time with all of you over the past several years. Thank you for being our second family in this crazy world!

To Our Fans:

As we get ready to perform our final show tomorrow night with Kelly in London, we are filled with emotion! We will miss seeing your friendly faces in the KC audience, but hope that we will see you at our shows when we come to your cities!

Thank YOU for believing in what we do and for helping us continue to grow and expand JillandKate! We are excited to see what the future holds.

Much love,