A Gun Filled Day For j&k.

Ahahaha...okay--so not really. But...I (kate) was with my family over Easter and I had just woken up, walked down the stairs, barely awake and my dad walks into the kitchen with my little brother's air-soft BB gun...which looks very much like a REAL, big gun. I hadn't even had my coffee yet people...I was still asleep and this sight was realllllly funny to me. So, obviously, I documented...note the sleepyhead smile:

Then later that day, Jill flew into Chicago because we both had a meeting to attend. That night we went to the movies (to see African Cats obviously!) and leaving the theater, Jill saw the toy gun video game and was instantly drawn to it. Haha...I guess we are all 12 years old deep down inside. So, obviously, I documented this as well:

So, there you have it. It was a gun filled sort of day. Random? Yes. Totally amusing to us? Yes. Worthy to share on a blog? Probably not. Haha.

But in other news...guess how many days until Pop Song is released???????? 6 DAYS!!!!