A Blog from Bed.

I don't know if there is anything better than waking up, making coffee, and then getting back into bed!  Not everyday of course--it's definitely a luxury to be able to do this...and so this morning...I am very grateful that I get to do it.  I plan on finishing my book--but before I do, I thought I'd share a few random thoughts in my head...and don't judge...these are RANDOM... *I've never seen "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" and they mention it in FRIENDS and because of that...I want to see it.

*I miss my Peppermint Mocha Creamer...I used the French Vanilla kind this morning....and it's fine but it doesn't make me all warm and fuzzy inside...

*I am absolutely 100% ready for Spring weather to be a constant around here.  Except...with Spring weather you get more bugs...for example I went inside my closet the other day and reached for a coat I hadn't worn in awhile and I almost grabbed a HUGE spider.  It was BIG.  Thank goodness for good friends who can step up and kill spiders.  I was in the opposite corner with my ears plugged yelling, "Did you get it?  Is it dead?"

*I saw the movie "Speed" last night...it reminded me of my 12 year old self....because my 12 year old self thought Keanu Reeves was a STUD.  I have since grown out of the crush...but this movie brought it back.

*I was a lucky girl this weekend...my mom and my older brother were both in town randomly and I got to spend some quality time with them...we ate, we drove around town...it was fabulous.

*My car has been making a horrendous squeaking sound...I drive an older car...and I LOVE it...it gets great gas mileage, the stereo is kind of messed up but music always sounds best coming from those speakers...anyway...over the past week, my car has started making this high pitched, nails running down a chalkboard sound.  It's not constant but I think it gets worse when I slow down and am about to park.  People start to look around, and I start looking around the parking lot too...ahahha...trying to motion with my head, "Where is that noise coming from?"  Hahaha.  I'm an idiot and should get it fixed.

*I'm excited about the 17th this month...we are doing a cover song....oooooooooohhhhhhhh-ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....but I won't tell you which song we are doing.

*I cleaned and organized yesterday.  It was so fulfilling.  I had to do like 5 loads of laundry...and this process took me all day...but it was well worth it.  Since I am hardly ever home...I really try and settle in while I am...to take advantage of the perks of not living out of a suitcase.

*I got my first tattoo a couple weeks back.  That's right...I'm so hardcore now :)  HAha.

*I have some really good friends that don't live near me and I think I'm gonna get to see some of them over the next month or so and I'm REALLY excited about this.

*I've been listening to the new Keith Urban record & also Iron & Wine.....

*I think my taste buds are changing.  Let me give you an example.  About two years ago if you would have handed me a bag of banana chips..I would have wanted to vomit a little bit in my mouth.  But now--I LOVE them.  It's my new favorite travel snack.  I know I'm weird...but if you used to hate something...I dare you to try it again...it might be your new favorite.  And if you do try something again, and you still hate it and vomit in your mouth...I'm not the one that gave you the advice ;)

*I went to H&R Block yesterday and I swear I have the sweetest, oldest tax man ever.  He might be 100 years old but he's still sharp as a tac and has the sweetest southern accent.

*We are gonna try to blog more...so bookmark the page people..J&K will be here....

Okay...I'm going to read for a little bit now....

Enjoy your Thursday everyone.