So, I (kate) made some killer guacamole tonight. It was delicious. I love Mexican food. Yes. Yes. Haha. So, now we are answering more questions. The questions we are getting into are just getting funnier and funnier--you come up with some weird questions :) We've gotten so many I think we are going to be answering questions until Christmas. One more thing before we start answering questions... I recently read Selena Gomez's twitter and it said this: "2010, the year of no fear." I like that. No fear people. No fear. Walk on the wild side of no fear. You'll be amazed at what you stumble upon. Ok, enough rambling...the questions: I believe that the "spork" is one of the best inventions ever.  What are your thoughts? How many different instruments do you play?  List. What is the best part of your job?  My daughter, Keragan (6 years old), wanted to know if you like Spongebob? -Rhonda

Rhonda. Thank you for asking the important questions here :) The spork. For those of you who don't know what a spork is, here is a visual aid.

Now, Rhonda, contrary to what you might think of us...we don't really have super strong feelings about the spork, BUT we are happy that it makes you so happy. It does solve the spoon/fork dilemma that we all face from time to time so that's pretty awesome. Good question. Jill plays the guitar, piano and killer Rockband drums. Kate plays a little piano, guitar and a wicked triangle. The best part of our job is that we get to play & write music, travel and get to meet crazy people all the time. And last but not least Keragan, you'll be happy to know that we are both very fond of Spongebob...and Patrick too. :)

What's your favorite food? What's your favorite color? What's your favorite song you've ever written? What did ya'll major in? What did you do before you were KC's backup singers? What's your favorite actress? -Erin

Kate's favorite food is chips and salsa--and guacamole as mentioned above :)  Jill's favorite food is Spaghetti or Thai...haha...she loves noodles...oh and chocolate of course. Jill's favorite color is orange, Kate's is pink. Kate's favorite song she's ever written is a new one called "Don't Feel A Thing." Jill's favorite song she's ever written is "Finding My Own Way." We both majored in Communications. That's right. We can communicate like no one's business. (haha) Before we sang with Kelly we were still "jillandkate"---we played shows & wrote music and worked a plethora of awesome odd jobs. Kate's favorite actress is Julia Roberts or Sandra Bullock. Jill's favorite actress is Sandra Bullock.

Who was your favorite artist/band in 2009? Who's music could you absolutely not live without?  Has anybody's music, whether it is a solo artist, band, song, etc. completely changed your life or made you have a different outlook on something? Are you going to watch the LOST season finale? Favorite movie of all time? -Christina

Kate's answers: favorite band of 2009 would probably have to be Kings of Leon. I could not live without Patty Griffin's music. She is a genius. Her song "Top of the World" definitely changed me. I love that song. I'm probably not going to watch the LOST finale--maybe someday but I've only watched Season 1 and part of Season 2 so I need to catch up before I watch the series finale :) Favorite movie of all time??? I hate this question. I never know what to say and I always feel that people judge me based off of my movie choices. So don't judge me please. These movies don't say anything about me or maybe they do...who knows. So here we go... "First Wives Club" or "The Rock."

Jill's answers: My favorite artist of 2009 is probably Miranda Lambert. She's really just all around a great artist. I'm gonna agree with Kate and say that I could not live without Patty Griffin's music. Her new album comes out this month and I'm overly excited about it. Her music has definitely changed my life...it's so incredibly amazing. I am not caught up on LOST either...oops...guess I need to get on that! Favorite movie of all time is The Sound of Music. I have watched it hundreds...maybe even thousands of times. :)

Not really a question for your blog but I wanted to know what are the chances of you guys doing a show when you're in Melbourne next year? -Alison

Alison, we are trying to work out a show in the land down under. It's definitely on our goal list. We are thankful that if we do play there we can count on you coming. So if we do come--you are in charge of marketing. Deal? Deal. Okay awesome. Sweet.

I was wondering what you both love about the UK and is there anything you're looking forward to seeing/doing/eating when you get here? How did you girls celebrate New Year? -Dani

I  (Kate) love the architecture in the UK and love taking walks and exploring the cities we end up in. Taking pictures of the random places we are in overseas is always a hobby too.

I (Jill) love the taxis, the hats that the doormen wear, and the breakast. The UK has amazing breakfast!

We were in Nashville for New Year's Eve. We were crazy, wild people. HA. Just kidding. In some people's eyes we were lame--call us lame if you want--we don't care--we were at home--which we are NEVER at home so that was AWESOME!

What was yall's best moment ever? How excited are yall to be getting ready to record?!?!? -Mary

Best moment ever??? That's a pretty monumental question Mary. Hmmm... This picture describes one of the best moments ever...seeing Amy Grant and Vince Gill at the Ryman. The picture is blurry but you get the idea. Thanks to Jason Halbert for snapping a pic on his phone of our faces when they walked out on stage.

We are VERY excited about recording. Like, ridiculously excited. It's hard work and can take hours upon hours of tedious work, but it's so worth it. Love the studio.

Where can I get an I pick jk tshirt? -Noreen

Noreen. Cool name, btw. We are going to start selling them online soon...sooooooon. So when we do, we'll let you know. For sure. Promise. Cross our hearts.

Kate, when you come home to Chicago, where are your favorite places to go? Jill, how long have you been playing the guitar and the piano?  Was it something your parents suggested you learn or was that all you? Where do you get your inspiration for writing? -Ashley C.

One of my favorite places to go in Chicago is a place called Graham's. They have THE BEST root beer floats. I didn't really even like root beer floats until I started having them there...they are delicious. My dad and I go there everytime I come home for the holidays. It's special.

I (Jill) have been playing the piano since I was 8 and the guitar since I was 11. I think my mom and my great-grandmother suggested I take piano lessons and after that I decided to pick up the guitar. I took the Suzuki method of piano which is learning how to play by ear so I don't read music hardly at all. Haha...lame, I know! But I love both instruments.

Look no further than yourself and the people around you for inspiration in songwriting. People are definitely the biggest inspiration for us when it comes to writing songs. People who you love, people who hurt you, people you want to hurt (haha), people that you see making mistakes or when you make a mistake, when you grieve, when you lose, when you love...all of those things can inspire songs.

Is there any date yet that we can expect a new EP or album? -Amanda

We are just beginning the recording process right now so we have no solid idea when we will be releasing anything. But, don't make a frownie face just yet Amanda. We will keep you in the loop and completely involved in the process. When we know something, you'll know something. :)

What is your favorite song by another artist ever? -JenMichelle

Kate's favorite song is "Top of the World" by Patty Griffin. Jill's is "Stay" by Lisa Loeb.

Favorite character on Friends? which Girl-? Guy-? The one question we've all wanted to know.....Is that golf picture really of Kate? -Pam

Kate's are Phoebe & Ross...Jill's are Phoebe & Chandler. HAHA. For those of you who are new to the blog--we believe this is the picture in reference:

Yes that is me in the golf picture. That's right people...I've got some muscle somewhere. Haha. Happy now? Alrighty, that's all for now peeps. Keep checking in. Lots of fun to be had.