5 Things To Watch or Read: Go. (31 Days-Day #27)

I love hearing what you have been watching, reading (and listening to)...because I'm always more inclined to watch, read (or listen to) something that comes recommended to me rather than just trying to find something myself. Laziness? Perhaps. Honestly though, how much time have you wasted browsing through Netflix categories only to get overwhelmed and turn on F-R-I-E-N-D-S re-runs? Just me? I didn't think so. And when it comes to books, I am the worst. I pretty much only read things that people suggest to me. So I thought to myself, on Day 27 of blogging, why don't we have a little interaction where we recommend things to each other. Here are 5 things I have been watching, reading, or listening to lately. Please tell me 5 of yours too! It can be TV shows, Movies, Books, Podcasts, Funny YouTube videos...really whatever you please!

Here we go:

1. BROADCHURCH (TV Show): This UK drama/mystery series on Netflix is SO GOOD. There are only 8 episodes and I watched all of them in the past week. There is a season 2 coming soon! The acting is outstanding and the storyline is so compelling. I don't want to give anything away, but check it out.

2. SERIAL (Podcast): This is really the first podcast I have ever listened to. My brother called me and said "You HAVE to listen to this." So I started it and could not stop. The word "Podcast" has always felt a little intimidating to me, but now all I can think about is finding another one like Serial. It's FREE and you will not be able to turn it off.

3. IS EVERYONE HANGING OUT WITHOUT ME? (AND OTHER CONCERNS) BY MINDY KALING (Book): I sort of stole this from Kate because she read it first and kept talking about how funny it was. She was right. This is such an easy read and Mindy is so funny and likable. It's a nice light-hearted piece that has nothing to do with murder. (My first two suggestions do. Trying to lighten things up a bit here.)

4. AN IDIOT ABROAD (TV Show): Here is another Netflix series that I find both hilarious and educational. Apparently, I have a tendency to watch British shows, but really that's not much of a shock considering how much I love the UK and all of you wonderful people over there. :) This is a reality travel show of sorts, but with some pretty funny twists that make it different than your average travel show. It's a little quirky, but check it out and tell me what you think.

5. FRESHPET HOLIDAY FEAST (YouTube Video): And this...just because...how can you not think this is hysterical?


Now please share with us 5 of your favorites! And let us know what you think about these! 

Hope you're having a great weekend.

-Jill (and Kate)