5 Random Things (#jillEdition) (Day #27)

1. Peanut Brittle. What exactly is it? It's addicting, but kind of gross and you only ever hear about it around Christmas. Okay, fine, I really like it. But I also kind of hate it. 2. Went for a run today. I really appreciate the cars who go out and AROUND when you are running. Especially on icy/slushy streets. Leaves a little room for error on either end. It's the little things.

3. Went to see a high school girls basketball game today and I wanted nothing more than to get back out on the court. Did you know I played basketball in college? I did. I miss it. But I'm a little past my baller prime now. Guess I will stick to watching.

4. Hot Pepper Jelly. Another seasonal food that is majorly overlooked the rest of the year. I'm committing to breaking that out more frequently in 2014. Mark my words.

5. Heads Up. I have played this game with my family so much over this holiday that we have actually gone through all of the clues in certain categories. I actually made my own category so that we would have more options. Perhaps we have addictive personalities. We don't care. Cause we can't stop. And we won't stop. This game has captured our hearts and minds.


That's it, folks. Take it or leave it. Until tomorrow, be good.