4th of July!!

We had a great day the other day.It was July 4th to be exact. We ran a race, went to the official "Nashville Hot Chicken Festival," had a picnic with friends while watching a fun cover band play and then watched a fireworks display to close the night off. It was superb. Here are some pictures to summarize the day:

Kate's race outfit. I (kate) wanted a cute, matching, festive outfit to run in...haha...isn't it cute? Well, that was my rookie mistake of the year because I had never run in these shorts before. NOT COOL. I should have stuck to my not-so-cute but trusted capri's that I run in all the time, but no, I wanted to match and be patriotic. Idiot. I paid for that one...not fun.

Pre-race excited face fun pic. Woop-woop! Running a race was on both of our goal lists for 2011. Bam. Crossed it off. 

This one was for my mom :)

Running shoes & ID tag on shoes. Check.

Oh you know, just giggling before race time. May have been delirious from waking up at 6:30AM.

Smile, check. Shuffle, check. Extra hair tie on wrist just in case, check.

This pic was taken while running. It makes us laugh. We're weird.

Jill took this pic of me nearing 2.5 miles...this was very much the point of the race when I majorly regretted wearing the shorts...and did I mention there were hills on this little 5k?...Hills...lots of them...not so much a fan of the hills...(unless we're talking about the TV show, that is...)


I am clearly delirious from the last 32 minutes and 46 seconds of fun I just had. Jill could have kept on running. Showoff.

After recovering and eating a HUGE breakfast, we headed to the "Nashville Hot Chicken Festival." Yup. A whole lot of people get together to wait in long lines to eat really spicy chicken. (We prefer to go through the Chick-Fil-A drive-thru for a delicious Spicy Chicken Sandwich...)...But the atmosphere was fun!

Picnic time with a few thousand other people. Wine, cheese, ants, sweating profusely. What's not to love?

Watching the fireworks go boom boom pow! Do you think this is how the Black-Eyed Peas were inspired? Fun times :)

Hope your 4th was a BLAST...ha ha.

Who's excited for our Sunglasses-themed StageIt show tomorrow night? WE ARE!!!