48 in a 35.

Those are words you never like to hear.  Especially when coming from the mouth of a police officer.  Yes, because you're a smart person you've already put it together.  I got a speeding ticket today.  It's me, Kate. My first speeding ticket ever.  It all happened so fast--I had just turned onto a bridge and do not really see how I could have already made it to 48 mph but all of a sudden this motorcycle cop (which let's face it are the WORST kind) is coming towards me, turns around and pulls me over.  I had no rush of adrenaline, no fear of getting a ticket because I had NO idea I was speeding or doing anything wrong.  I was actually on my way to find a Starbucks because I was needing some major caffeine.  Being in an area of Nashville I do not know well, I had my iPhone in hand with my directions...and BAM...48 in a 35 happened.   All this to say--Nashville has the nicest police officers...well my officer was nice.  He even gave me very simple directions to Starbucks.  He also told me about traffic school so the ticket wouldn't be on my record.  Ahhh....so it really wasn't that bad.  It all happened so darn fast...I'm glad it happened in Nashville...

And I think Jill got her first speeding ticket almost a year ago to the day...weird.

So folks, slow down and save yourselves from hearing the words 48 in a 35. 

Love it.