A Mother's Love + Happy Birthday

Only a mom can love you when you're rocking an all white outfit with a neon green visor and a pink plastic wicker basket (and why was I on the floor at the bottom of the stairs...not dramatic at all?!) Ha!

Love you Mom. It's you birthday today and I couldn't be more thankful for you. Thank you for loving that hot mess above for my whole life...you are a saint among men. Literally, I know no one else who is as selfless, encouraging and loving. I hope you feel celebrated today and that this year ahead is one of great promises and joy fulfilled. You are my hero. Thank you for teaching me how to cook, how to host, how to love, how to hold the hard things and how to pray. You have had the best attitude in the hardest and darkest of times and been a constant source of encouragement to me. Thank you. You mean everything to me. 

(Also, a side-note: she has been parenting for 40 consecutive years. The woman deserves a medal and a 40 hour massage.)

Here's to the many awesome, exciting adventures this next year brings, Mom.




                                      My sister Amy, the birthday girl, and me, Kate :)

                                      My sister Amy, the birthday girl, and me, Kate :)