37 Years.

37 years is a long time. It also happens to be the amount of time that my parents have been married. 37 years ago today my parents made a promise to each other and have stuck to it. I've never been married, and well heck...I haven't even been alive for 37 years but that is a LOOOONG time...and I wanted to say that I'm so incredibly thankful. Being married for that long has to come with some serious rough patches here and there but they made it through and I couldn't be more grateful to them for it. I am well aware of the divorce rate in our country and I know that homes with lots of love can fall apart...so again, I'm really thankful.

In my circle of people, it's my goal to start celebrating anniversaries more...I mean...that's a huge commitment...we are usually all about celebrating a birthday but anniversaries are generally looked over. Why is that I wonder? Cause I mean, to have another birthday you just have to focus on not getting dead. Just keep breathing for another year. But to stay married to someone takes work and you have to constantly choose to work at it and to stick with a promise you made to that person.

Anyway... I just wanted to take a second to acknowledge how proud I am of my mom & dad. 37 years. Can't wait 'til 50....that party is gonna be huge.