31 Days of Blogging Say What?

Oh you guys….hello…IT'S DECEMBER! Which means that our 4th annual 31 days of blogging begins TODAY!

{cheers.} {claps.} {hoorays.}

Besides it being the very first day of 31 days of blogging, it is a HUGE day for us because we just announced our brand new ALBUM "ELEVEN" & pre-order options!!!

CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PRE-ORDER OPTIONS & pretttttty please order your copy…and a copy for your mom, dad, brother, best friend, neighbor, aunt, uncle….haha…just kidding. Not really…but really….

We have been working on this music for over a year and we are honestly SO EXCITED for you to hear it. Our friend Dave Welsh produced it. He plays in a little band you might know called THE freaking FRAY!!!!!!!! We've been fans of theirs for years and pretty much own every single album of theirs that has ever come out…so you can tell that we are a little bit excited to have Dave producing this album for us.

pre-order eleven the fray

Join us here on the blog for these fun, festive 31 days ahead of us. OH, and, we just boosted our Etsy store like wow. Over 100 new items were posted this morning. j&k coming at you in every direction :)

Happy December…let's make it an awesome one.

Love you all,