31 Days of Blogging Begins.

This will commence our annual 31 days of blogging in December. Watch out.  

So, here we are sitting in our dressing room in Wallingford, Connecticut. First show of the "Balls Tour" tonight! The Jingle Balls tour, that is. The Fray will be playing tonight and at a few of the other shows...we're psyched about that. Totally dig their music.


Anyway, to kick off our 31 days of blogging, we thought it'd be fun to reflect back on Thanksgiving and share our favorite recipes from that day. Unfortunately, this year, neither of us were able to get home to our families because we were on X-Factor in LA the night before. So we took a red-eye back to Nashville and arrived early on Thanksgiving morning. We have awesome friends in Nashville that invited us to celebrate with them. Thankful for great friends! Missed our families though. :(

When we arrived, we headed straight to the kitchen to get to work! Here are two of the items we made. They are some of our favorites.




My recipe has no name...at least not in my family. We just call it "Mom's chocolate dessert thing." Fancy. If you don't like chocolate, stop reading now because you will not like what's about to come. (Also, what's wrong with you?? I don't get people who don't like chocolate! Just kidding, I still like you.)


So here's what it is.


A layer of brownie pieces. (I prefer Ghirardelli Triple Chocolate brownies...slightly undercooked so they are gooey and not cakey.)

A layer of chocolate pudding.

A layer of whipped topping.

A layer of crumbled heath bar.




As many layers as necessary.

Caution: Food coma to follow.




One of my favorite dishes at Thanksgiving is a Sweet Potato dish. Again, it doesn't really have a name, but my cousin may have invented it so let's name it "Kate's Cousin's Awesome Sweet Potato Thing." Clever, right?

What's great about this food is that you take a vegetable...and cover it in lots of sugary buttery goodness! Voila: a vegetable that tastes like candy!

I boil the sweet potatoes and cut them into pieces. Melt butter, add brown sugar and spread that over the pieces. Then put walnuts and mini marshmallows (helllllo!) on top...bake...and you have an amazing tasting sweet potato dish. Yum!


What's your favorite holiday recipe?