"21 Days To Better" Group

You guys!

We are SO EXCITED to be launching the 21 Days To Better Group! If there is one thing we’ve learned in the walkabout, it is that we cannot do this life alone. We NEED community…and we’ve realized maybe you need that too?

We’ve been working on this idea for months, and if you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions, this group is probably for you:

How can I get into better community?

How can I better control my negative thoughts?

How can I be better at self-care?

How can I be better at managing and eliminating stress + anxiety?

How can I feel better overall?

How can I have more fun and be more inspired?

If you’ve asked yourself any of the above questions, you should definitely join this group. We are navigating some of life’s tough areas like stress and anxiety, friendship and community, how/where to find purpose, and how to live your most fulfilling life. We have spent several years asking these questions and gaining incredible tools to help navigate these areas of life. We have searched and pursued answers to some of these questions and want to share all we have learned with you.

So, what will you get when you join?

  • 3 Live webinars (no worries, if you can’t make the live sessions, we’ll email you a recording)

    • What the heck are webinars anyway? Really they are like Instagram Lives or Facebook Lives but these are going to be ONLY for the 21 Days To BETTER Group members. In these webinars, we are going to be sharing the tools that can actually change your life, the things that we’ve learned and are practicing every day that have made BIG differences in our lives...And they aren’t magic...You can do them too. We will answer your questions, we will get vulnerable, and we will have fun! We will also break out the guitar and sing some songs for you too!

  • 21 Days of text messages from yours truly J&K starting on 2/1

    • Start each and every day with encouragement to focus on creating a better day... from your friends J&K! Better days lead to better lives. We are all in this together!

      *(International members will receive these messages via email instead of text.)

  • Access to a PRIVATE Facebook group with all the other BETTER group members with daily interaction from us

    • This is a place we are SO excited about. Actually, this is probably the thing we are MOST excited about because here’s the deal. You guys DM us and send us emails all the time, and so we know your stories and we know what you’re going through and how incredible you are. BUT we want the 21 Days To Better Facebook group to be a place for you guys to get to know each other as well. There are so many like-minded people in our crew. Remember, we cannot do this alone. You cannot do this alone. We need each other and this is the place to connect. Not only is this the spot to post encouraging notes or questions, but we will also be popping in -- posting, commenting and chatting with you guys too. This is going to be sooo fun!

  • Downloadable PDF Worksheets to guide you through the webinars

    • These worksheets will help you make personal notes that you can refer back to as you start taking tangible steps to apply some of the tools we share in the webinars in your own life.

  • Exclusive access to Jill and Kate and the 21 Days To Better tribe

    • We love connecting with you guys on the podcast, Instagram, etc., but this will be a different level. We want to really KNOW you and have you really KNOW us. Ask us anything, chat with us on the Facebook group, hear things we have never shared through other J&K platforms.

  • Community, connection, inspiration

    • You have no idea how much motivation, inspiration, and FUN comes from connecting with other people in groups like this. Let’s build an awesome community where we support one another and spread more awesome in the world!

  • Some surprise bonuses along the way (cannot WAIT to share these with you!)

So, we’d LOVE for you to join this special group of people. We are all going to be better together and we can’t wait to see the transformation that takes place in all of us over these 21 days!

The group CLOSES on January 31st, so don’t miss out. SIGN UP HERE!

The group starts Feb 1st! Cannot wait to see you there!

Much love,

Jill and Kate