Happy Birthday Jill!

It’s Jill’s birthday today!

It’s fun to celebrate people, and this blog is going to do just that. I’m lucky that she’s my BFF and that we get to work together too. But I’ll tell you, you get to know someone REALLY well that way, and all I can say is that the longer I know her, the more I respect her. And we have been through A LOT together. 

We’ve literally traveled around the entire globe several times together, witnessed loss together, laughed until we’ve cried, yelled and screamed at each other, consoled each other after bad dating experiences (ummm hello, did you hear our podcast…haha), sat quietly in deep sadness together, cheered each other on…and the list could go on and on. 

We've even ziplined together--how fun was that?

Ziptrek Image 6-01.jpg
Ziptrek Image 2-03.jpg

Jill is someone who will go out of her way to do something for someone else. She is selfless. Always thinking of other people before thinking of herself. 

She’s also such a good listener. She doesn’t fight her way to be heard in a crowd—she saves her words and makes them precise. I am a verbal processor, so I talk and talk and talk to figure out what I think/feel…she just quietly processes and then lays out these nuggets of wisdom.

She’s also really funny. Like, really funny. This points to my earlier statement...she doesn’t fight her way to be heard in a crowd, so generally when she’s saying something funny, it’s understated and quiet and you have to pay attention or you’ll miss it. It’s witty and smart, and laughter is the best. 

She also rocks the headband like non-other:


We all know that she RULES in grammar. SO much so that yes, even this birthday blog, I had her proof-read because spelling and grammar are well, let’s say: NOT MY STRONG SUIT. She is a whiz at grammar, spelling, and writing and I’m hoping for a special birthday edition of “Grammar with Jill.” Aren’t you?

Jill also has a love for hoodies that has existed since we met. Here is proof. This pic is from many moons ago...again, I chose one that would be particularly flattering for me (just kidding) but look at that hoodie:


She also has strong feels about coffee. Since she's loyal, she's Dunkin' Donuts all the way, but has been known to cheat with a purple straw named Coffee Bean whenever it's available to her. 

Please also note that this is also another great picture of me. Haha...but I'm capturing two things: Jill's love for coffee and her humor. She's making me laugh. 

Please also note that this is also another great picture of me. Haha...but I'm capturing two things: Jill's love for coffee and her humor. She's making me laugh. 

Something you may not know about Jill is that she has this ability to access situations and people with a gut instinct that is RADICALLY right on. She can tell almost right away if someone is bad news or if a situation is shady. I’m like: everybody is trustworthy (haha) and she has this quiet way of discerning whether or not that’s true. Sometimes I think the loudest voice is right, but I’m learning that definitely is not the truth. 

Jill is someone that will show up for you and if you’re lucky enough to call her a friend, she is loyal AF. 

Oh yeah. And she has this way of playing and singing and writing…you guys. I feel like Jill hasn’t even scraped the surface with her creativity and I think this is her year. I still remember when we met in college and I heard her sing in our music school for the first time. Her voice has a way of guiding you to the feelings you didn’t know you had. It’s fresh, but also so familiar. I’m so grateful to do music with her. What a gift. 

This is a photo from our very first j&K photoshoot--we were really happy back then (HAHAAAA) OMG: (note to self kate--never have the hair person cut your bangs the day of a shoot. hello shbangs: short+bangs)


I love this pic of her in Africa. Doing what she does best, on the ground with kids in Africa.

Alright Jill…this is your year. I am cheering you on…and so is the rest of the world. 

Thanks for proof-reading this. HA!