Saying Peace Out To Worry with Lauren Graham - Day 29 #31DaysOfBlogging

One of the things we say a lot on our social media is “We’re all in this together.” We say it a lot because we genuinely mean it — we are all on this crazy journey of life together and anything we learn along the way that might be helpful to you, we want to share it. We love being inspired by people…especially people who are in the entertainment world. People who have no ego or air about them…and when we meet these people, we want to share them with you. You are our people. You are our tribe. You are our community.

So….earlier this year, we asked our friend Lauren Graham if she would be willing to share a conversation with us for our podcast community, and you guys: SHE SAID YES.

This podcast interview with Lauren was a dream come true interview for us, and also one of our most popular of the season. We talked about a lot of things, but one important topic we covered was self-esteem, which is why we named the episode something that Lauren said during the interview, “Why Can’t We All Just Enjoy Ourselves More.” AMEN, y’all, AMEN.

Another one of our favorite things about Lauren is that she has this outlook on life that is one we aspire to have. It is basically summed up in the title of her latest book, In Conclusion, Don’t Worry About It. See, there are these seasons in life that we all face...forks in the road we will all come to, where we really don’t know if there’s anything good up ahead, which way we should go, or what the future may hold.

In fact, these seasons, we have found, seem to appear far more often than we’d like them to. We can’t control them, we can’t wish them away, but we can do one thing: We can look at them positively, with hope, instead of fear or dread. We can DECIDE not to worry about what may or may not be around the next corner, and just take the next step that is in front of us.

We always leave our conversations with Lauren feeling a little more positive and hopeful, and a little more relaxed about whatever is up ahead of us. That is the kind of person we can all benefit from being around, #AMIRIGHT? We hope you feel this way too when you hear this episode…while either enjoying it again, or for the first time, if you haven’t heard it yet.

And remember, worrying about things doesn’t help, so you might as well quit it. (Here’s a song of ours to cheer you on in this whole venture.)

Tomorrow we have a SURPRISE for you….


Jill and Kate