A Birthday Poem For Kate - Day 16 #31DaysOfBlogging

Guys, it’s KATE’S BIRTHDAY! Instead of writing a plain old blog all about the wonder that is “Kate the Great Rapier,” I decided to write a little poem instead. Send her tons of love today! -Jill


This poem is all about Kate 

Who is a wondrous gift to this earth

Today is a special date

Today is the day of her birth

She prefers her eggs without yolks

And loves to do handstands all over

She laughs at her very own jokes

And is a gift to all who know her

She harmonizes like no other

And she's really one heck of a writer

She's mostly brave, except one thing 

She’s terrified of spiders

Red, white, or even rosé

Kate will drink wine on any day

But don't forget, she has another passion

Her feelings are deep for a classic old fashioned

Cheese plates are her favorite

And gummy candies too

She loves to take pictures, and if you're in need

She'll take a picture for you

The water is her favorite

But she loves mountains too

She's famous for her eyeliner

And lives on dry shampoo

She'll make you a meal or give you a ride

Her generosity is on fire

She's vibrant, positive, and fully alive

Her gift is to inspire

So here's the thing I'd like you to do

If you happen to have just a minute

Tell Kate that the world is a better place 

Simply because she's in it!