When You Meet Your Idol In An Airport - Day 23 #31DaysOfBlogging

So, apparently this year was a year where we got to meet some of our favorite artists. Remember back in March we met Amy Grant? Epic.

Well in September, we got to meet another musical idol of ours, Patty Griffin. We saw her play at Red Rocks on September 30th, and the show was amazing.


The next morning, we loaded up our rental car, grabbed a coffee and bagel at Einstein Bros, and headed to the Denver airport. We were heading back to Nashville that afternoon.

We were sitting at the gate, as you do, drinking our Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Iced Coffee (Thank you, Lord,) and probably scrolling through Instagram, again, as you do. I (Jill) got on the phone to call the hair salon we go to in Nashville because I had to change our upcoming appointments.

As I’m talking to the receptionist, I look across the way from us, and sitting right there in plain sight, with a big bottle of Smart Water and a travel guitar case, is you guessed it, PATTY freaking GRIFFIN. Surely that is not her real middle name, but for the time being, let’s say that it is.

I would like to offer an honest apology to the receptionist at Hunter Paige Salon for what happened next.

I lost my ability to communicate. I start tapping Kate trying to subtly point out who was sitting there across from us...OUR FAVORITE SONGWRITER EVER. I am also trying to tell the receptionist that I need to change two appointments for Jill and Kate, but I can’t get out words, I tell her I am Kate, I tell her the wrong date, and I hear absolutely nothing she says to me in return.

Meanwhile, Kate is not getting my hints at what I am trying to tell her, and she is all but fully annoyed at me, and practically making a scene.


I tell the receptionist I will call her back. Some things can wait, ya know? (Sorry, again. I was probably so rude.)

I get off the phone and tell Kate, kind of like how Chandler says, “I’m-in-an-ATM-vestibule-with-Jill-Goodacre,” that “We’re-in-the-gate-area-with-Patty-Griffin.”

At this point, Kate understand what I’m saying, looks up, sees Patty, and proceeds to start weeping. YOU GUYS...WEEPING. (If you want to see this in real time — go to our instagram and watch the highlighted “Colorado” story.) She couldn’t control her emotions. JOIN ME, WON’T YOU? I’d been trying to tell her this for a matter of minutes.

Now, we are pretty careful when it comes to seeing notable people in public places. We know that they get approached a lot and we have a general rule that we really don’t approach them. But Kate insisted that this was a different scenario. This is our all-time favorite songwriter and we needed to just thank her for putting all of the goodness she has put into the world, for the ways she has inspired us in so many ways.

So after much back and forth, (I really didn’t want to at first,) we walked over to her and said that we had been at her show last night, it was incredible, and thanked her for making the art she has made...that she’s a huge inspiration to us. She was lovely and appreciative, and her manager (we think) was there with her who was also very kind to us.

As we got on the plane, we had this moment of realizing that we were flying to Nashville with Patty Griffin (okay, with may be a generous word) but we were sharing that space with her for two hours and that was pretty freaking cool.

Not sure why there is weird lighting…but this was the flight (!!!!)

Not sure why there is weird lighting…but this was the flight (!!!!)

Inspiration is such a huge part of life. It’s how we all keep going, it’s where we find creativity inside of us, it’s what really touches our souls. It was such a cool full circle moment for us to meet this woman who has inspired us so much in our songwriting journey.

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Same place, same time tomorrow?