Happy Monday friends.

Hope you all had a rad weekend! Here in j&k land we had a great weekend--we had a slumber party celebrating our friend Ashley’s birthday which included way too much champagne, wine and cheese...but is there really such a thing as “way too much” when talking about those things? No, no there is not.

It’s been about a billion degrees in Nashville which is why we decided to go swimming at felt somewhat refreshing at that hour. There is a literal heat advisory so we spent a good portion of the rest of the weekend indoors...saying many prayers of thanks for air conditioning!

Here are a few random things to kick off your week!

  • Have you listened to our first release from our new #COVERSSESSIONS yet? Girls Just Want To Have Fun is available everywhere music is sold. It’s a harmony driven, chilled out version...thanks to everyone that has downloaded or streamed it! We appreciate it so much!
  • Also, THIS FRIDAY (7/28) our next acoustic cover comes out! We will start leaving you hints this week on our socials so you can begin guessing…

  • Have you heard? August 21st there is a celestial event happening and NASHVILLE is one of the best viewing points. Would you believe or not believe that we have already ordered our special viewing glasses? If you guessed YES, then you’re correct. Bring on the eclipse, baby! Also, I think we should have mandatory viewing music blaring in the background. Our suggestion, EARTH by Sleeping At Last. Oh, it’s happening.

Alright, that’s it. Happy Monday. Go be kind to the ones around you.

You are loved.