Fiercely Loyal Friends...aka Ride or Die

Today is a very special day. It’s one of our best friend’s birthday….HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHLEY! Look at she not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? This pic was taken at her baby shower for her little girl...yes, while pregnant. All the #pregnancygoalz :)

But, we aren’t writing this blog simply to say Happy Birthday. That’s part of it...but what we wanted to share is what we’ve learned from our friend because she brings something to each of our friendships that isn’t too often found these days.

When we think of Ashley, we both of think of one word: LOYAL. Maybe two words: fiercely loyal. Do you have a friend in your life who is fiercely loyal to you? It’s quite possibly the best thing on the planet and we are finding that this character trait is getting less and less common.

Here’s the thing about Ashley. When she extends her friendship to you, you are IN. She will have your back, cheer you on, be by your matter what. Someone is hurting and she’s the first to get in line to make a meal or watch someone’s kids. We think she might be behind the catchphrase that’s become so popular...ride or die. Because she is a RIDE OR DIE friend. You could call her at 3am with a body to bury and she would grab the shovels. No lie. She is so loyal to her people that it has taught us about loyalty and how to defend and show up for your tribe.

For us, she’s been a friend who has cheered us on and yelled loudly for us to keep going when we hit rough patches. One of the sweetest memories was when we had the opportunity to play the Bluebird Cafe for the first time. It was super last minute (we found out the day before) and we asked Ashley and Jenny (other BFF in town) if they’d like to come. Both of them canceled other plans and were in the front row cheering us on. Ashley said, OBVIOUSLY, there is no other place I’d rather be than here cheering for you. Here is a pic of us after our show. #lovelovelove

YOU GUYS. Loyal friends are the best. And what we’ve learned from Ashley is that showing up for your tribe is so valuable. We need more ride or die people in the world. If you’re reading this, I don’t have a friend like that, we have a solution. No, you can’t have Ashley...haha…but here is the way you start to manifest ride or die friends in your life. Start stepping out to be super loyal to someone in your circle. GO out of your way to SHOW THEM you are there for them. Bring them a coffee. Offer to run an errand for them. If you know they’re going through a hard time, offer to sit and listen.

Fad friends are fun for a season. But the loyal, sit-with-you-when-you-are-ugly-crying, know you at your best and worst friends, they’re the ones to hold onto. They are the ones to invest in. Find friends who are honest and vulnerable and will hold your joy and pain well. There is nothing like loyal friendship.

Thank you, Ashley, for being such a wonderful friend and true teacher of FIERCE LOYALTY. We adore you and are so grateful for your friendship. Happy, happy birthday. We celebratin’ FRIDAY. xo