Super Bowl 2017

Kate here.

The Super Bowl happened last night. If you want to know the range of emotion we went through, please just watch our Instagram story. The Patriots won in an unbelievable comeback. Definitely the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history.

They were down by 21 points in the 3rd quarter. People had given up. And according to history, they sort of should have because in the history of the Super Bowl no one had ever come back from trailing more than 10 points. The Super Bowl had never gone into overtime. Both things happened and it was incredible to watch. It was insane watching Tom Brady. It’s like when he got into his element, when they were down and when people had counted them out, that’s when he started to shine. Easy, calm, mindful. It really was incredible to watch and bear witness to it all. History in the making. And I’ve got to say. I’m not a huge football girl, but the one thing I know about the Patriots is that they are the most clutch team and that comebacks are their masterpiece. It’s what they excel at and I never stopped believing and I never doubted.

I kept thinking about all the discipline and hard work that Tom has put in. I mean, everyone on the team works hard and puts in their time, but Tom is the face of it all. He stands out. I wonder how many times he has disciplined himself, denied himself something for the greater good of being a better version of himself tomorrow than yesterday. I’m trying to get better at self-discipline. It’s hard all the time but it’s especially hard when you’re a feeler like me. I am so in the moment that I just want to have the moment to have and to hold and to enjoy. Wait, what? You want me to put off this enjoyment for something greater? For a greater enjoyment down the line? It’s okay guys, I’ll just make my own joy when we get need to deprive myself now. Ha. I digress. You see?

But honestly, how many hours, how much hard work went into that win last night? I think the thing that I am most amazed by is not the distance or precision in which he can throw. Or how hard he works to stay in shape (although I’m thankful for that.) It’s the mental toughness. It’s the mental ability to lock your thoughts down and not freak out. When 60,000 people are screaming at you, when you literally are in the worst position ever in the history of the Super Bowl, that no team has EVER come back from, how do you keep the mental reigns tight and on lockdown? Gosh, I would love to hear what Tom was thinking about during the last 20 minutes of the game. Do you think he just kept repeating to himself. I am a winner. I am a winner. I win. I am great at throwing a football. I see all the right plays at the right time. My eyes are focused. My mind is sharp. I am a winner. My breathing is calm. I am a winner. I will win this.

In case you were wondering, that’s how my inner quarterback talks. Haha. But, I honestly think there is a lesson here for all of us. How can we walk around and practice mental toughness? I think it’s when those pesky negative voices pop up in our heads we have to shut them down. We have to fight back and not give them any place to plant themselves. Tell them to find residence elsewhere because there is no place for them here. Just remember that your thoughts control a lot. LIKE, A LOT. So, be careful what you let run wild in your mind. Focus on the positive. Focus on truth. Focus on the end result you are wanting. Picture yourself crossing the finish line of that marathon. Picture yourself nailing that job interview with your wit and charm. Picture yourself on that airplane taking your dream vacation. Picture yourself pulling on those smaller size jeans (and them actually fitting!)

Also, isn’t it funny that I never doubted that they would come back and win it all? And yet, do I offer myself that same kind of unparalleled hope and belief in my dreams? I can’t say that I do. I’m going to start believing in myself the way I believed the Patriots would come back. That’s another way I’m going to practice mental toughness...I’m going to believe I can come back from anything and accomplish a “never been done before” victory. Because before yesterday, no team had ever come back from a more than a 10 point deficit...until now. And they came back from 25 points. 25! More than double. Wow.

Thank you, Patriots, for one of the most memorable nights ever. History in the making.

Much love,


Super Bowl food on point. 

Super Bowl food on point. 

Post win elation!!!!

Post win elation!!!!