Bucket List Travel Places

Since yesterday we told you about some of our favorites things about NYC...a city that we've visited a bunch of times...today we thought we'd tell you about some places we've never been. We are in another airport today. YAY travel! So, we thought we’d tell you our top 3 destinations of where we want to travel and also show you some of the places on our must-go-travel-and-see-soon list (all images taken from Pinterest):


Mainly to see the Northern Lights, but recently we’ve been seeing pics from other people’s trips and it just looks magical. The colors, the landscape and ICELAND people. Iceland. It just sounds so freakin’ bad ass.


Bora Bora

Any destination that is named twice is good enough for us? AMIRIGHT? One of those little huts over the water will do just fine. Snorkeling is one of our most favorite activities and so the thought of being able to snorkel right from you “door-step” just sounds incredible. The color of the water looks insane. Beach + book + fruity drink = hello perfection.


Santori, Greece

We blame Pinterest with this fascination. The sunsets, the food, the architecture...yes...it all looks so dreamy so it’s now on the must-see list.


Where are your top places to travel to or visit?

We wanna know.