Brain Freeze

Hey hey.

Jill here. The countdown is ON…31 Days of Blogging is winding down. Oh yeah, and 2017 is too.

I’ve been in New Hampshire for the past couple weeks, and I just want to say, IT IS SO COLD. Like, record breaking cold, you guys. Is it cold where you are too? Apparently the temps are breaking records, both near and far.

I don’t mean to sound like a wimp, but the cold is legitimately paralyzing me. I can’t even think straight. I know a brain freeze is supposed to be something you get when you eat ice cream too fast, but I’m pretty sure I’m actually experiencing it in a new way. My brain does not function well in these temps. I think my IQ is actually going down as I type this right now. I apologize in advance for anything I say going forward.

Anyway, I’ll stop complaining now. Onto other random items of information.

My brother got my dad this game called GOLO for Christmas, which is basically like golf with dice. Since this weather won't allow hit the course anytime soon, we’ve been playing a lot of GOLO. I might be getting addicted. It’s kind of like Yahtzee, but for golf. Make sense? Probably not. But, either way, it’s fun...and you know how I love games. Here is a gigantic picture for you.


I went to Trader Joe’s today and bought things I didn’t need, as I always do there. Why are you so amazing, TJ’s? The checkout guy didn’t comment on my items, which was much appreciated, I must say. Don’t get me wrong, they are extremely nice people, but the cashiers there do this thing that drives me crazy. They comment on your items and say things like, “Ooooh, you went with the goat cheese. Have you tried this? It’s amazing…” or “Ahhhh….Plantain Chips, I could eat about a million bags of these.”

Seems innocent enough, but ALAS. They all do it, and I’ve come to realize it’s something they are required to do….they like, congratulate you on your choices. I used to think it was so nice, but now I know it’s insincere. They are simply following the company rules. No, no, no, TJ’s cashiers. I am on to you, and I am no longer flattered by your comments about my amazing item choices. I still love you though...mostly for your peanut butter filled pretzels.

I drove down the street to the ocean today, and it was STEAMING. Yes, I’m back to talking about the weather. It’s so cold.

Speaking of that, I went to Starbucks yesterday and tried to go through the drive-thru, but ALAS (I’m using that word a lot and I don’t know why)...ALAS, my window was frozen shut. It wouldn’t roll down. I had to go inside. Do you believe me now that it’s really cold?

Okay, well, like I said, I really can’t even think straight right now because of my brain freeze situation, (is this a thing?) I think I’ll just go to bed. OH…Also, I have been sleeping in sweatpants, a sweatshirt, and socks. SOCKS, you guys. I am a strong anti-sock sleeping person. I don’t think I’ve ever worn socks to bed in my whole life. They usually make me crazy and I kick them off. But, ALAS, (there it is again)...I’m going to put on my extra warm fleece socks right now and get in bed. How fancy is that?

Until tomorrow, stay warm.