Cinnamon Roll Squad

You guys.

I started a new holiday tradition with one of my brothers last year and we did it again this year! Isn’t it fun that you can just start traditions? HA! It’s amazing.

On Christmas Eve, my brother and I make these overnight cinnamon rolls together and then we bake them first thing Christmas morning. I actually asked people on our Facebook page last year what their favorite cinnamon roll recipe was, and this was one of them. I should honestly send a thank you note and a million dollars to whoever sent this recipe’s THAT good.


Ok, here’s the link: Overnight Cinnamon Rolls

If you need a yummy recipe...look no further. And don’t be intimidated. If my 18 year old brother and I can pull these can too. They are easyyyyy.

Christmas onesie and bed-head :)

Christmas onesie and bed-head :)

What are some of your favorite traditions?