The Eve

Hey guys!

Merry Christmas Eve! This is the 24th day in a row that we’ve been blogging for #31DaysofBlogging and we’ve got to say...we’re pretty proud of ourselves. HA!

So it’s Christmas Eve and if you’re like us...anticipation is high, some family dynamics are starting to really shine (haha) and well, you’re likely looking for an escape.

As I (Kate) was looking through Instagram yesterday (as an escape) I had to literally say to myself: I will not compare my Christmas to anyone else’s. I will not compare my Christmas to anyone else’s. I find that’s what we do when we we’re looking for an escape sometimes. And, I am all about an escape when you need a minute alone, just don’t let that escape put you in the mindset that someone else has it better or someone else’s life is shinier/happier or more perfect than yours. Don’t miss what’s right in front of you. You are in that exact spot for a reason. You can easily miss it if you’re on your phone wishing you were someplace else.

I know for me, if I can focus on the present moment that I’m in and really look for the right-now-good-stuff, I enjoy my time so much more. When I get sucked into looking at my phone I get caught up thinking about what other people have or what other people are doing or what I’m missing or how perfect people are looking in their holiday card photos, etc.

The trick is: stay present and don’t be afraid to put some effort into it. Sometimes you have to create the fun,  sometimes you have to be the bigger person and forgive quickly, sometimes you have to be the one to start the conversation or tell the joke to lighten the mood. We have control over ourselves, no one else, so don’t wait for everyone else to make the magic for you. You are magic, you make the magic.

So, Merry Christmas Eve you wonderous humans We hope all of you have received our Christmas card if you wanted one and that you spend the next couple of days immersed in magic, love, light and the spirit of Christmas.


Jill and Kate