The Giving Spirit

Something wonderful about the Christmas season is the giving spirit. Hopefully generosity is at the forefront of everyone’s mind and if you’re anything like us, giving gifts to loved ones is a highlight throughout the year.

Along with giving gifts to loved ones, we also love supporting organizations and companies who are doing amazing work helping others in our own country and around the world. We thought we would highlight a few of our favorites in case you are looking to do some year-end giving and need help deciding where your dollars should go. :)


Rescue: Freedom

Our friend Jeremy runs this non-profit and he and his team are doing amazing work rescuing children from sexual slavery all over the world. Click here to read more and donate.


Houses of Hope Africa

Near and dear to us, because Kate’s dad is the founder. HOHA cares for orphaned children in Southern Africa. They provide housing, education, access to healthcare, and emotional and spiritual guidance. Click here to read more and donate.


The Giving Keys

This is a for-profit jewelry company, but each purchase helps employ a person transitioning out of homelessness. We wear our Giving Keys necklaces all the time and love the conversation starters that they are. Click here to read more and to purchase.


J/P Hro

THis is a relief organization helping the people of Haiti in a major way. They are doing everything from medical care to building projects, to providing education. Haiti is the closest country to the US and the poorest in the Western Hemisphere. Click here to read more and to donate.


Generous Coffee

This is a for profit coffee company that provides an income for local people all over the world. By drinking their coffee, you are helping people in impoverished areas have work to be able to provide for their families. Life changing coffee. Click here to read more and to purchase.


People Loving Nashville

A friend of ours started this in Nashville. Every Monday, they hit the streets of downtown Nashville to feed the homeless. It’s simple and it’s making a huge difference in the lives of those in need. Click here to read more and to donate.


Alright, those are some of our faves. There are so many organizations and companies doing good work. We’d like to encourage you to give this season. Find some work that is helping others and jump on board...whether financially or volunteering in person. We 100% believe that when you serve the needs of others, it makes you rich.

Sending you love,

Jill and Kate