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So, it’s the time of year for colds, coughs and flu’s. Woohoo! Just kidding. But seriously, it seems like everyone is fighting the sniffles and we’ve both had little bout of the stuff going around--luckily it hasn't lasted long and we are both in good health now.  

We thought we’d mention some of our cold fighting remedies and the odd things people swear by to help healing faster.

  • Hot Toddy

This is a pre-bedtime drink that consists of tea, honey, whiskey and lemon. If you want to get fancy you can add cinnamon and cloves but when we make ours it’s pretty simple. The whiskey & honey both fight germs and it’s warm so it just makes you feel awesome before you get some zzzzzz’s.

  • Vick’s Vapor Rub

Now you might be thinking the conventional way...but no, here’s the funny part. Apparently when you put it on YOUR FEET, it helps your breathing. Say what? We’ve never tried it but people swear by this. Next time we get a cold, we’re trying it.

  • Vitamin C & D

These guys are like our best friends all year round but especially when cold and flu season starts. Vitamin C is the real rockstar of the vitamin gang, but vitamin D is the hidden gem. It boosts your immunity and helps fight off those colds before they start.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar Shots

It tastes so gross and disgusting, pretty much just horrid BUT, we do these when we feel sickness coming on...and sometimes just when we’re feeling laggy. It's all sorts of good for your Ph levels and is good for us...we don't really know why but we just know. Haha.

  • Steam Shower

So basic, but sometimes when you aren’t feeling well, even a shower seems like too much work. Yet, standing in a steaming hot shower and letting the moisture fill your lungs is almost guaranteed to make you feel better.

What are you go-to remedies and tricks for when you’re feeling sick?

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