There’s Always A Work Around 

A lot of times, things don’t go as planned. Flights get canceled (or delayed...we're delayed at the airport right now!) People change their minds. Your car battery dies. The restaurant you chose for dinner is closed on Mondays. 😐

Big or small, things don’t always go the way we expect them to. BUT...we have a little motto that we like to live by and it has helped us tremendously.

When we were recording our Acoustic Covers album, something in the studio wasn’t working. I think it was the piano. We didn’t have the right cable or something and we weren’t getting any audio out of it.

Our engineer, JD, said something that has changed the way we think about things. He ever so calmly said, “There’s always a work around.”

(Side note: there is nothing better than an easy going producer or engineer. We are very choosy in who to work with in the studio because the vibe really matters. When someone is flustered and stressed, the creative environment is ruined.)

JD is one of these easy going producers. He said those 5 words and they stuck with us. “There’s always a work around.”

He went into his magic cable box and created some special cable using his wizardly ways, and a few minutes later, those 88 keys were making beautiful sounds. No stress, no problem. 

If you stay calm, put your thinking cap on, and most importantly, stay can almost always find another solution. 

So, remember, when life throws you a curve ball, whip those five words out and find another way. You can do it and so can we!

There’s always a work around. 

Much love,