Don't Be A Fun Sponge

I heard a great new phrase and I feel like it’s worth sharing. I went to visit some family yesterday while here in Florida, and spent a few hours with an 11 year old younger cousin of mine.

Kids are the best because they come out with some great wisdom if you listen closely enough. My mom asked him what the rules of his house were and he said told us that they just have two rules:

1) You can’t hit someone else....unless they hit you first. (This is either brilliant or the worst rule ever. I haven’t decided. 😂 )

2) Don’t be a fun sponge.

DON’T BE A FUN SPONGE! I asked him to explain that rule and here’s what he said.

“A sponge absorbs water and a fun sponge absorbs fun. So basically, don’t suck the fun out of everything.”

Maybe I'm a simpleton, but I kind of think this is brilliant. I’m into that rule. I can get on board with it. I don’t wanna be a fun sponge when it comes to life. I’d rather add to the fun. I think I will make it a rule in my household someday.

So, that was my little life lesson that I learned yesterday thanks to my cousin Jake.

May none of us be fun sponges (and may we never hit anyone either.) HA!

Until tomorrow,