Google Brain

As I begin a new year, I try to spend less time on my phone, you know, to be more present. Before going to bed I usually check my phone but I've been trying to not be on it before I go to sleep because I hear about neurons and the tiny lights on your phone being bad for your brain & sleep, etc. Who knows if it's all real, but I'm trying...


I swear as soon as I turn off the light, my mind starts racing into "seeking all knowledge mode." I all of a sudden remember every single random thing I've ever wanted to Google. It's like my mind recalls all of these random, yet VERY important, gems that I am oddly VERY curious about. Really, all day I try and remember all of the VERY IMPORTANT things my brain tells me whilst trying to fall asleep and nothing. Want to know how many of these things I can remember during daylight/normal hours? Zero. Not one. I can think of nothing to google or research.

So, a few nights ago, I turned on the light and wrote down every blessed time I had an urge to Google. Yes, I got less sleep that night, but that's how important you are to me, dear reader.

  • Did that gymnast Aly Raisman really end up with that "football player blind date guy" that her friend Shawn Johnson was trying to hook her up with? If so, must try & figure out how to get into that friend circle.
  • *Recalls dream from last night...* Dreamt that a dolphin was my friend and followed me around. Google "dolphin in dream" meanings. And google chair lifts while skiing...dreamt about that too.
  • I need a library card. Google how to get a library card.
  • How does Instagram curate my explore page.
  • Lookup local volunteer opportunities
  • Find out for sure how much water I should be drinking again...2017 is gonna be different.
  • Must email XXXX about song idea
  • Look at recipes using frozen broccoli
  • Google hair color that compliments skin tone
  • What's in the purple rain smoothie I had today? (it was so good.) 

Not sure why I felt the need to share the inner weird workings of my brain with you, but...there it is. And no, I'm not going to answer all of these burning questions for your own googling ;) 

Hope you've had a restful weekend and that the week ahead is FULL of really AWESOME SURPRISES! 

Much love,