Friction For Fire

Lately it’s felt like there are a million things going on in my brain. I just tried taking “a little rest” midday to regroup and my brain could not shut off. As I’m laying there I’m replying to texts and emails that I’ve been meaning to. I’m thinking about the flights I need to book, tweaking designs for upcoming projects, the run I need to do, organizing Houses of Africa web launch...all darting around in my head when I’m supposed to be resting. The number of tabs open on my web browser are equal or greater to the tabs open in my brain. Ya feel me?

If you were to ask me to describe this season right now in one word I would say this: friction. There is just a lot going on...and none of it feels breezy. It all feels like it’s all in the make it or break it stage. The fail or fly moments. The, either people are going to look back and say I’m a crazy success, or look back and say I'm a reckless failure.” Let’s be honest, friction is not comfortable, it’s the opposite, it’s uncomfortable.

It feels as though there are loads of plates in the air and I am constantly looking up trying to catch one, trying to chuck them high in the air to make sure they all stay airborne and avoid them all tumbling down to the ground at once. And when one inevitably falls to the ground, I’m trying not to get clobbered by the remnants.

If I’m being honest, all of my engines are running. Every cylinder is firing. I’m tired of the juggling. Juggling is exhausting. If you can relate, first off: Hi! You are not alone. Welcome. Second, you’re doing a good job. Keep going. And third, here is some good news that I thought of while I was lying down trying to rest: friction eventually brings FIRE (the good kind of fire, not the destroying kind. Phew.)

When you are trying to build a fire from nothing (which let’s be honest I don’t know much about), I hear you have to create friction. Create friction and it will bring a trail of smoke, and where there’s smoke, there’s fire. FIRE you guys! YES.

And that’s what I am needing right now: the relief of fire. The exhale that your hard work has paid off and you can sit beside your fire while it keeps you warm, toasts your marshmallows and sends light off into the darkness of the night.

So, let’s not run away from friction. Let’s fight through it because we know it’s leading us to fire. And that's what it will take (I'm telling myself this too), fight. Keep working hard. Keep working at it. Keep on fighting. Get after it. 

Sending you love, energy, and a clear brain… werk, werk, werk, werk, werk...and cheers to YOU. You who are chasing the dream, working two jobs, juggling a million balls...we are all in this together.  Keep going.