New England Adventures 2016


We've been in New England for a week and the time has flown by! The trip is sort of multi-facitated. Here's what's on the agenda: enjoy summertime on the East Coast with some of Jill's some a show in NYC on Aug 24th...and of course, eat loads of ice cream. Cause yes, we've been here a week and have already made several trips to Jill's hometown-local-best-ever ice cream shop. Here we are on our Southwest flight from Nash to Boston...feeling like real bosses that the middle seat was empty. Praise hands all day. 

We had a really fun weekend because one of our BFF's from Nashville, Jenny, flew up to hang out with us and see all of Jill's hometown glory. We packed in a TON-of-FUN in a little over 48 hours. It started on Thursday night...Jenny's flight landed at 10:30PM and we drove straight to the beach and sat on benches overlooking the gorgeous Atlantic to watch the meteor shower! It's like the sky had planned on her arrival and was celebrating! Did anyone else see it? It was incredible. This was the first kind we'd ever really seen clearly. We sat out for about an hour and probably saw over 20 meteors and shootings stars. AH-maz-ing. We couldn't get any photos of them, well because we aren't NASA, but we did take a ton of pictures the next day. Like this gem...three friends with Nubble Lighthouse in picturesque Maine. 

Found a dead crab. Jenny & Kate still didn't want to hold it. Just for reference the Atlantic is still cold as ever even though it was 95 degrees outside. 

We had breakfast at a cute little place in Maine called Stonewall Kitchen that is apparently a big thing but I, Kate, had never heard of it. HOLY CRAP THE JAM GUYS. I normally don't get this excited about jam, but they had rows and rows of different jams and it was sort of like what heaven is going to be like I think. This one, the Raspberry Peach Champagne Jam was my all-time favorite and if you love yourself at all you should order some. Obviously my favorite had "champagne" in it. Haha. Found out they sell this crack on Amazon...all bets are off on how many I may order. 

A highlight of the visit with Jenny was sitting on the rocks just talking. We didn't have anywhere to be or anything to check off of a list. We just pulled off the road, found some high rocks to sit on and just talked. It's amazing what comes from just creating space. Sooo thankful for honest conversations in such a beautiful setting. 

Can't be in New England without having a lobster roll...or two....(winky face.) Jill's mom, Syl, made them for us and they were delicious!

Took a stroll in downtown Portsmouth and found this amazing "Tall Ship" docked at the harbor. That was what everyone kept calling it. The "tall ship" festival. Ha! 

Anddddddd the ice cream. Yup. No way to properly communicate just how good it is. We'll try: it's just SO good. 

Loving our time out here. And so pumped to see everyone in New York! Check out our other tour dates to see if we'll be near you!