Thoughts From Gate C-9

I'm sitting at the airport thinking about how one choice, one action can cause a HuGE ripple effect. The flight that I'm on was supposed to be boarding in 10 minutes from gate C9 but there was weather in Florida that delayed my flight. It not only delayed my flight, but it also delayed the flight before mine too. My plane is going from Fort Lauderdale to Tampa then to Nashville (to pick me up) and then to Denver, Colorado.

But there was weather in Florida and that weather had a ripple effect. It delayed 3 flights and it got me thinking. For who is this ripple causing some dramatic change to their life? Is it causing them to miss something important? Was someone rushing somewhere to say goodbye to a loved one? Or witness a graduation or wedding and will now miss it? For me, right now as I sit in the food court, it doesn't affect much. I'll get to see my family about 2 hours later tonight than I thought annnnnd I just have to entertain myself longer in the airport (hello Vino Volo 🍷😉.)

I've been talking to some dear friends today about how one person in your life can have such a grand ripple affect in your life & in others lives. If everybody's life is affected by some sort of ripple (because we are all coexisting here) then what kind of ripple am I putting out there? What am I sending out from myself? What wave am I creating? Selfishness? Love? Fear? Hope? Hate? 

Sometimes I convince myself that one person, one idea, one voice isn't enough to cause a ripple...but I'm wrong! It's a trap! Don't fall for it like I have in the past. One person, one idea, one voice can start a ripple that can affect MILLIONS of people. 

So, ask yourself, what waves am I creating? What are people walking away with after colliding with my ripple? 

Just some thoughts from the Nashville airport as I wait at C9. xo -Kate