Inspire Nashville 2016

A couple nights ago we got to attend an event called Inspire Nashville 2016. It was an evening raising funds for Onsite Workshop's Possibilities Inc. & celebrating two honorees, Scott + Tracie Hamilton, for their humanitarian work in Nashville and around the world.  

We have so many things to say about the event that it's hard to even know where to begin.

Let's start with this. In promo for the event we heard things like, "You'll leave the event more inspired than when you came." We both thought, yeah...okay...sounds good. But, neither of us realized how DEAD ON that statement would be. We absolutely were blown away by the stories, the music and by learning from so many amazing friends in the room. 

It would be hard to find two better people to learn from than the award recipients, Scott + Tracie. Their humility and kindness literally radiates from their core. They are genuine in their love and that's something so rare to find. They've been examples for us...lights on the horizon to follow. They kept saying: "We're all in this together. We couldn't do it without you. It takes all of us to make a change. How can you make the world a better place?" Yes. We are all in this together. It takes ALL of us together. 

We heard our friend Bob share about needing friends and voices we trust in our lives. His joy and love will hit you smack in the face in the most lovely way and make you want to get right out of your seat to start making some change. We all need trusted voices in our lives. 

We heard so much GREAT music. Melinda Doolittle, Calvin Nowell, Emily West, Sheryl Crow. Goodness...the voices that filled the room took the event from one level to the next. It felt holy and spiritual...literally like God was in the room. We cried. Like, almost on the verge of ugly crying. 

It's a beautiful thing to see people come together with the main goal of going out afterwards and actively participating in making the world better for others. You don't need a title or a skill set to help those around you. If you hold your hand up to your chest and feel that thumping...that means that you've got what it takes to be a world changer. You're ready. You've got what it takes to make humanity better by showing up and saying "How can I help?" And what's awesome is that the people on the stage weren't doing it for the recognition or applause...they are doing things in secret, going unnoticed, in the background and on the sidelines...doing it quietly for the betterment of others. Bob said it best: "Humble voices carry the furthest."

After an event like that it makes us want to re-focus. It makes us want to slow the busy schedules and the meetings and look closely at ourselves and our business and say: How can we help make the world a better place? 

If you aren't familiar with Onsite, go check out what they do...we cannot say enough good things about them. And possibilities Inc helps people go to Onsite that wouldn't be able to afford it otherwise. 

Thank you Miles, Onsite Workshops + Possibilities Inc for the wonderful work you do. Thank you for gathering us all and pointing us in the right direction.

Oh and one more fun note. They had a fancy red carpet at the door which is usually reserved for VIP's and celebs but they wanted everyone to walk the red carpet and feel special and important. Isn't that fun? So we hammed it up and cheesed our way for the photographers like we knew what we were doing. Check out the pics below :)

Ok...we could probably write like 6 more pages about how amazing the evening was, but we'll just leave it here.

Hand to chest. Feel the beating. Go change the person at a time.

Love you all!