Some Questions We've Been Getting:

Why an eBook? 

You may be thinking to yourself why are Jill and Kate--the music duo--writing an eBook? That's a great question and we're happy you asked. One, we love writing. All forms--songsblogs, poetry, etc. We love words and the power they have to transform, to combat loneliness and bring hope, joy and togetherness. Two, we have met so many people along our journey that have asked us about staying inspired and how we pick ourselves up when we don't think we have the strength to. Because of this, we wanted to share with you what we've learned & tools that helped us get back to us again. 

Last year we had a rough year. It was a year that rocked us and we had to face some of the toughest questions we've ever had to face. We thought about quitting music. We thought about giving up. But, we didn't...we took small steps that ultimately led us to being re-inspired. And inspiration for whatever field/career/stage of life you are in, will save you. 

You have all you need to get out of the rut inside yourself, you might just need help unlocking it. We made this guide specifically for you to take small steps, everyday to bring about change. Every single exercise or activity in the book that we recommend we have done or are still doing actually. 

Who is the book for? 

The book is for men & women who find themselves in a rut. If you just faced a major loss, or are facing a big transition: this book is for YOU. If you just had your heart-broken or are thinking about starting a business or being more creative with your kids or marriage or looking to be happier in general...the tools for change are inside this book (and really it's all inside of you.) Let us help you go from a RUT to REJUVENATED. Read more FAQ's here

Are you guys still writing music? 

YES! Oh my gosh, YES. Since taking this inspiration journey it has basically uncorked a deep well inside of us and we have been writing like crazy. Music has always been the core of Jill and Kate and it will always be. We have been co-writing with some other writers in town and that has been AMAZING. We can't wait to share this new material with you. We don't have a timeline yet..but when we do, obviously, you'll be the first to know. 

When will new merch be available? 

We LOVE that you guys are so anxious & excited for our new merch store to open! Next month. New items. We have never (EVER) worked this hard on creating items in our store that YOU WILL LOVE. Our email friends will be the first to know & have exclusive shopping time before the store even opens. Stay close. 

We love, love, love seeing so many of you sharing your inspiration journey with us (#inspirationadventures) as you go through the guide.

The book goes away on Nov 1 at 12am EST: GRAB YOUR COPY + start your way from a rut to REVIVED. 

Much love,

Jill and Kate